Berserk- Guts & Zodd Vs Ganishka

Berserk - Gut, Zodd, Ganishka Figure

Oniri Creations:
For our very first Berserk statue, we’ve gone all-out! We wanted to capture an epic moment from the manga and we instantly thought about Tome 32 when Guts and Zodd join forces against Ganishka. berserk figure is very special to us and we’ve worked extremely hard to deliver this Diorama limited to only 450 copies, and approved by the master himself Kentaro Miura.
For guts figure, we didn’t want to leave anything out, and as a result this piece can be looked from all angles, with the same amount of detail. Guts comes with 2 portraits, one with a calm yet determined expression, and the other one where he’s gone full berserk.