hunterxhunter; there are a few who believe that it will get a new anime from whale island but most think that’s too much of expectation

The anime Hunter X Hunter completed airing in 2014 after 148 episodes, leaving viewers anticipating Gon’s adventures on the Dark Continent.
There is many who believe that it won’t be available in either of those years. There are a few who believe that it will get a new anime from Whale Island but most think that’s too much of expectation.
Here are some discussions are going around in the community:
  1. HxH 2011 was way too good to be over.
  2. Togashi’s health as well as his stubbornness for not hiring any assistants, it’s pretty clear that Hunter X Hunter will never be finished. So even if it does “start again”, you won’t get more than a couple chapters at best
  3. Togashi is married to the creator of Sailor Moon, and has a lot of money not just from HxH, but also Yu Yu Hakusho. He basically has no monetary incentive, and probably has other hobbies as well.
  4. There is not enough material for a new anime adaptation
  5. On second thought, Togashi should take his time with the manga. After seeing what could happen to a television show that gets too far ahead of the source material, we will patiently wait a new anime once he is done
If we look at the Hiatus Chart, we will notice that Togashi was into a Break or Hiatus on 2015 and 2019. So most probably, he will be on break for 2020.
Also, if you look at the Arc chart you will notice that he spending long time between Arcs. Togashi can wait for months before he can even carry on an arc. I don’t think he will give up on anime which is too good.
Also remember in MadHouse 2011 anime, they left out the part where Gyro would meet Gon someday. While Gon and Killua were in Doli City sometime after their encounter with Neferpitou, Gyro was also in the same city, though they never meet.
His location after the Chimera Ant Queen's death is unknown, but it is believed that he is trying to rebuild his empire again. Gyro developed the D² drug. The purpose of this drug was to spread evil and ruin the lives of others, now having come to utterly hate humanity as a whole
They tied up loose ends to fool viewers that Netero's death and Gon meeting his father was the initial closing of the anime,which is so not true.
I truly believe Hunter x Hunter will get a new anime in 2021 starting from Whale Island. Hunter x Hunter anime should only come after the Dark Continent arc is at least completed so that the audience can have a proper anime season.
Fans of Togashi Yoshihiro’s iconic manga series Hunter x Hunter and its anime adaptation should have a look on statue which shape the epic battle between the two most powerful characters—Chimera Ant King Meruem and the grand master of the Shingen-ryū school of kung fu, Netero.
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