Castlevania Symphony Of The Night- Alucard And Richter-Anime Figures

Alucard & Richter Anime Figures

Figurama Collectors proudly unveils its most detailed statue to date and first ever inspired by a video game series—the genre-defining Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Alucard & Richter Belmont Elite Exclusive Statue makes history as the world’s first resin statue to depict both characters. Set in the Long Library, the dramatic scene unfolds over a miniature replica of the stage that started it all—Dracula’s Throne Room. Complete with blood-red banners and skull-shaped backdrop, the base also features several inverted turrets, parapets, and stone walls, symbolizing the iconic ending of the game where Alucard must navigate the upside-down castle.
Inspired by Ayami Kojima’s vision of the character, Alucard manifests from a trail of mist, wielding a holy rosary in one hand and his blade in the other as he cuts down the undead enemies lurking the library’s halls. A vampire bat soars from Alucard’s billowing cloak while a wolf’s head adorns the base behind him, representing the dhampir’s animal transformations. Beneath Alucard’s levitating form, Richter Belmont cracks the famed whip, Vampire Killer, against a skull-headed Spellbook and Lesser Demon. The golden, gothic splendor of the library’s furnishings feature layers of intricate paintwork and authentic, gilded details. Hiding in the wreckage of the battlefield, countless relics surround the crimson-carpeted stairway—a vial of Holy Water, ornate candelabras, over two dozen ancient volumes, a discarded blade, and a ceremonial Stone Mask. Cast in shadow, the silhouette of the statue invokes a similar shape to Dracula’s Castle, with Alucard’s upheld sword, the bat’s wing, and the monster’s arms serving as allusions of its towers and spires.