Hunter×hunter- Meruem vs Aizakku Netero

Hunter x Hunter - Meruem vs. Isaac Netero Anime Figure

hunter x hunter statue in true 1/6 scale, the second installment in the Figurama Collectors Elite Fandom series spans a massive 76.2 cm x 69.9 cm (30 inches x 27.5 inches) that surpasses most 1/4 scale statues.
hunter x hunter figure Professionally sculpted by award-winning artist, Keita Okada, the Netero VS Meruem diorama seamlessly balances the anime’s vibrancy with dynamic composition, anatomical accuracy, ragged terrain, and contrasting background elements, making it Figurama Collectors most visually complex piece yet. Rounding out a layered and lifelike color scheme, Netero’s Bodhisattva arms are finished with majestic antique gold paint and translucent tips that convey their blurring speed in frozen glory. An alternative expression allows collectors to depict the master of Nen with his eyes closed in prayerful concentration, focusing on Meruem’s attacks.
The finishing touch is a gilded base with wrought iron-like details, encircled by the names “Netero” and “Meruem” spelled in the Hunter x Hunter alphabet, accurately translated from their original kanji.
With an exclusive run of only 800 pieces worldwide, Figurama Collectors’ Netero VS Meruem is a museum-quality treasure that includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Keita Okada and Figurama Collectors CEO, Shanab.