James Sunderland vs Red Pyramid Statue

The original Playstation gaming community recalls the splash that the Silent Hill franchise made in the realm of survival horror and beyond. Developed for Sony Playstation 2 by Team Silent and published by Konami, the game follows the bereaved James Sunderland in a search for his late wife, Mary. This search takes players on a third-person adventure with James through the streets of Silent Hill, a once-beautiful destination in Maine now clouded in gloom.
As James collects maps, keys, and other materials to assist him in his mission, he encounters puzzles to be solved by the player. Along the way, James must engage in hair-raising combat with various creatures that lurk menacingly in the shadows. The most disturbing of them all is Red Pyramid Thing, also known as Pyramid Head, who appears multiple times to wreak havoc throughout his search. James must dodge attacks from Red Pyramid Thing’s Great Knife as he struggles to survive the emotional trials and tribulations of his time at Silent Hill.